1st Community Roundtable


On July 14, 2015, the Trauma Informed Care Task Force of Greater Los Angeles (TICTFGLA) held our first ever Community Roundtable at City Council Member Mike Bonin’s office in Westchester.

Over 100 community members and professionals attended this event, which was hosted by the TICTFGLA Steering Committee.

First Community Roundtable
Featured Speaker Norma Cumpian

We were very fortunate to have Norma Cumpian as our featured speaker, who shared her personal life story of trauma and resilience.

We also learned about the Public Counsel’s landmark lawsuit against the Compton Unified School District to ensure that schools in the district incorporate trauma-informed practices to address trauma among students.

Following this, attendees were asked to break up into small groups and discuss 3 questions:

  1. What brings you here on a personal or professional level?
  2. Since LA is becoming more trauma informed, what is one next step that you are passionate about supporting?
  3. As a member of your community or sector, what do you need more of to become more connected and/or supported in this movement?

Some of the “next steps” suggested by attendees included:11695919_131330603868469_8663780623736813051_n

  • an Assests Map to distribute to the entire listserv
  • creating special interest groups
  • host quarterly meetings in different regions of LA County
  • engage with the TICTFGLA on our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/traumainformedla
  • become a member of the ACEs Connection Los Angeles County group

Thank you to everyone who attending this exciting event! We look forward to working to create a more trauma informed Los Angeles with you all!

The next Community Roundtable is scheduled for November 10, 2015.