Ana Guzman

Ana Guzman
Core Member
November 2019 – present

ANA GUZMAN received her B.A. in Art Education from California State University, Los Angeles. She holds a California teaching Credential and has taught Art to various age levels. She likes integrating healing and mindful practices to her Art instruction and is an advocate for the importance of Art in everyday well-being and as a critical thinking tool in schools.

Ana also has experience working in Research and Curriculum Development. She has collaborated in building a Literacy Program for adults, teaching computer skills to former inmates trying to integrate themselves into the community and finding work and currently facilitates healing practices to youth.

Ana also owns a Salvadorian restaurant with her husband. A family tradition since the 1970’s, she is currently third generation owner. Through family recipes she promotes the positive qualities of El Salvador, her family’s home country, and keeps her family’s legacy, culture and history alive.