Bianca Aaron

Bianca Aaron
Podcast Coordinator
January 2021 – present

BIANCA AARON, LMFT (she/her), is passionate about making room for the voices the world tends to mute. As part of her mission to empower such voices, she has engaged in work, study, and volunteer programs in Argentina, South Korea, the Philippines, and Guatemala.

Though she originally pursued a career in journalism, Bianca decided to pursue psychology as a way to expand her community investment. Her background in journalism and psychology have equipped her with tools to advocate for healing within and between communities. These tools have also provided her with opportunities to rally for much-needed reform in systems that lend to the wounding of communities of color, specifically the Black American community. She currently operates professionally as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist at a community center in Westmont, CA. There, she provides culturally-conscious, trauma-informed care based on her experience, training, and certifications in evidence-based practices.

Her hope is to be instrumental in movements that aid in cultivating life-giving environments and holistic recovery from transgenerational and complex traumas.