February 2023 – present

ESSENCE WYNTER (She/Her/Hers) iis a South Central Native with 6 plus years in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Essence is an experienced trainer, advocate, speaker, and leader. Essence is passionate about fighting for the populations that are forgotten and uncared for and showing them that they matter when their everyday lives may indicate otherwise. She believes the values of equity, social justice, and collectivism are important when challenging racist and sexist policies and systems.

Essence is the Founder, and Director of DEI, at The Systemic Equity Collective which defines its scope of work as pushing pash performative actions into sustainable and impactful ones.

Essence earned her MSW from USC and currently serves as the Policy Consultant for Trauma Informed LA. Essence has spoken and trained on various topics in the areas of racial equity, leadership, DEI, and student advocacy.