Sarah Johnston

Sarah Johnston
MSW Intern
January 2021 – present

SARAH JOHNSTON (she/her), has dedicated her life and career to addressing and eradicating human trafficking as a victim advocate and human trafficking expert.

In her current role as the Preventing and Addressing Child Trafficking Regional Coordinator for the Child and Family Policy Institute of California, Sarah provides training, technical assistance and coordination for Child Welfare Agencies across the state of California on Child Trafficking Related Issues. Sarah was previously the Program Manager for Fresno Economic Opportunities Commission’s Central Valley Against Human Trafficking project and Chair of the Central Valley Freedom Coalition. Sarah has over five years’ experience providing comprehensive trauma-informed client services, advocacy, outreach, training, and public awareness. Sarah is a Rise Up Gender Equity Initiative Fellow and a Human Trafficking Leadership Academy Fellow. Sarah has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and International Relations and a Minor in Human Rights from the University of California, Davis and is a Master’s of Social Work Candidate at the University of Southern California Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work.

Sarah bridges the divide between individuals, communities and systems to bring them into a place of wholeness, and to go from a place of dysfunction into healthy, responsive and productive performance. Sarah has a passion for developing systems with a heart to prevent and heal from trauma. A Geppetto of sorts, Sarah brings the human experience to seemingly inanimate systems, in effect humanizing systems to better serve those suffering from injustices and inequities. She does this through insightful analysis and evaluation of policy, procedures, protocols, programs and tools. Sarah has a unique ability to see things through the microscopic and the bird’s eye view with a focus on promoting empowerment and sustainability. Sarah aims to guide communities and individuals into places of healing, through trauma-informed practice, wise leadership and compassionate responsiveness. Sarah is passionate about diverse, equitable and inclusive environments through collaborative efforts and firmly believes it is only through collaboration that we can end trafficking.

Sarah is currently located in Long Beach, CA and enjoys spending time relaxing with her partner and taking her dog, Ruth Bader, to the beach.