Susan Hess

Susan Hess

SUSAN HESS, MSW, LCSW-IL (she/her), SUSAN HESS, MSW, LCSW-IL, is a Clinical Assistant Professor at USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work. Hess is an advocate, consultant and relational organizer in the areas of trauma informed approaches and the intersections of intimate partner violence. Hess collaborates with social work students who were formerly incarcerated to provide support in navigating through school, licensing issues and pushing back on systemic barriers that students who were formerly incarcerated face through a trauma informed approach

Hess is the Co-Founder of Trauma Informed LA whose mission is to foster resilient communities that promote healing and well-being through collaboration, education, and community engagement. In recognition of her dedication, Hess was presented with the distinguished Dr. Marjorie Braude Award by the City of Los Angeles Domestic Violence City Task Force in October, 2013 for innovative collaboration in serving victims of domestic violence.

Presentation topics include:
-intersectionality of intimate partner violence and homelessness through a TI approach
-human rights interviewing techniques through a TI lens
-working with vulnerable youth through a TI lens
-mindfulness response to trauma exposure; Co-Presenter: Edwin Paragas
-community trauma/community healing
-consultation on designing a trauma-informed organization
-working with individuals, families, and communities through a TI approach
-TI approaches in education
-Dismantling the School to Prison Pipeline through a Multi Disciplinary Trauma Informed Approach; Co Presenters: Shantel Vachani & Heidi De Leon