01 – Alexus “Lex” Rhone: Healing Through Storytelling

Join us for a conversation with Alexus Rhone- writer, producer, artistic theologian, and revolutionary artist exploring the power of story. Passionately committed to being a “truth-teller,” Alexus offers a strong, compelling voice to people (young and younger) looking for authenticity and transparency. We invite you to learn more about Alexus here.  We also invite you … Continue reading 01 – Alexus “Lex” Rhone: Healing Through Storytelling

Naked Narratives

It could be your last break-up; the discrimination at your current job; or a familial relationship you still can’t come to terms with. Traumatic experience touches everyone and its origins are just as varied as the people it affects. Perhaps more insidious than the events themselves, are the uniquely haunting impressions left on our bodies—demons … Continue reading Naked Narratives

IPV: An Intersectional Perspective

On Wednesday, October 25, 2017, TI Task Force Co-Chairs Susan Hess and Devika Shankar and Core Strategic Planning Committee Member Brenda Ingram presented at Intimate Partner Violence: An Intersectional Perspective. The event, hosted by the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) USC Unit, the USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work Alumni Association, and Relationship … Continue reading IPV: An Intersectional Perspective