Naked Narratives

It could be your last break-up; the discrimination at your current job; or a familial relationship you still can’t come to terms with. Traumatic experience touches everyone and its origins are just as varied as the people it affects. Perhaps more insidious than the events themselves, are the uniquely haunting impressions left on our bodies—demons … Continue reading Naked Narratives

We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Toolkit

As the country transitions into the new presidential administration, it’s impossible to ignore the general restlessness in the air. People are walking around more highly charged than ever before as national identity enters a state of flux and personal futures are held in the balance. Many are reporting symptoms such as pressure in the chest, … Continue reading We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Toolkit

Grief and the Holidays

Whether you are newly grieving, or remembering someone who died long ago, the holidays can bring about many unexpected emotions. The weeks leading up to the holidays are filled with visual cues and smells that can touch memories you thought were safely tucked away in your heart. Social media, television, and movies containing pictures and sound … Continue reading Grief and the Holidays

8 Simple Ways to Prioritize Wellness

The tragic acts of violence exposed over recent weeks and months have once again left the nation reeling with anger, pain, grief, and distress. As we attempt to cope with the trauma and violence that we are constantly exposed to in our lives; as we comfort our friends, family members, and colleagues, who are also … Continue reading 8 Simple Ways to Prioritize Wellness