CHISATO HOTTA, DSW, LMFT, LPCC (she/her), is a licensed marriage and family therapist, licensed professional clinical counselor and a doctor in social work. She currently works full time as a senior program supervisor at a child and youth mental health non-profit where she works in the training department with the most amazing team. She also works part time as an adjunct professor for several universities. She has trained others on trauma, commercial sexual exploitation of children, parenting, autism and more. Her doctorate focused on commercial sexual exploitation of children using an empathy and gender theory lens which culminated into the CSEC training that she offers as a TILA Trainer. She obtained her bachelors degree at University of California, Berkeley, her masters at Pepperdine University, and doctorate at University of Southern California. She has been featured in blogs, a magazine and podcasts and is always excited to do more. In her personal life, she is a mom of twin boys who are both on the autism spectrum and is passionate about sharing about their progress to others to show that autism is not a bad thing. She has a blog where she shares weekly tips on mental health and autism, 2 topics that have a lot of stigma associated with them. She also wrote a children’s book on coping skills and a child and adult back and forth journal that focuses on coping skills and connection.

Presentation topics include:
– Mental health awareness
– Sexual assault
– Self care from a mental health perspective
– Special needs parenting and trauma
– Multiple Trauma victim to survivor
– Self care while being a special needs parent and a full time worker