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Our Stories Matter: Homeboy Industries and Forestry and Fire Recruitment Program Dismantling the 46,000 Collateral Consequences.

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Brought to you by Trauma Informed LA, Our Stories Matter is a podcast celebrating the complex lived experiences of activists and healers by sharing their inspiring stories. Our Stories Matter centers on healing through activism, art, poetry, film, music, breath, movement, and more. Each guest brings a unique story, but one with the global theme of community healing and liberation through storytelling.

As journalist Lauren Gilger profoundly states, “the power of the story will save us all.”

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Our Stories Matter aims to inspire empathy, connection, activism, and healing – from and within community stories. Through one story at a time, Our Stories Matter hopes to foster collective healing through community engagement.

TILA believes that collective healing is fostered through taking the onus away from the individual to deal with their trauma, and instead, making healing a community-centered process; and through acknowledging that trauma does not occur in a vacuum and is more than an isolated victim narrative. Collective healing harnesses the idea that people are agents in the creation of their own well-being and can use that agency collaboratively.


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