James “JC” Cavitt

JAMES “JC” CAVITT has dedicated his career to addressing educational disparities and inequalities among people directly impacted by mass incarceration. A tireless advocate for communities impacted by the criminal legal system and the incarceration experience, JC spent the last several years working at California State University Fullerton, Project Rebound, a program that supports the higher education and successful reintegration of formerly incarcerated individuals.

Having spent over two decades of his life incarcerated, JC brings his firsthand experience with the criminal justice system and the carceral education system,  as well as in-depth expertise with working with trauma survivors in confined spaces. Much of JC’s career has been dedicated to changing the narrative about incarcerated individuals and providing pathways for formerly incarcerated students to gain greater access into institutions of higher education.

JC has been featured in numerous publications, articles, and on various media platforms; including a TED Talk with John Lengend, Now This News and CORE IQ educational training videos. JC is currently drafting his autobiography and plans to publish in 2022, when he graduates with his MSW in Social Work.