KEYON is a prolific writer and ambitious entrepreneur. He was born in Lynwood, California and started having behavior problems at a very young age. He was diagnosed with having A.D.H.D which made it very difficult for him in school, and in the home. Keyon was introduced to marijuana at a young age when he was sent to an Alternative School because of his behavior. He has been through drug addiction, incarceration, and gang involvement and was later diagnosed with other mental health disabilities. Throughout his life, Keyon has been to several juvenile camps, group homes, and other programs in an effort to get him the help he needed to become productive and stay on the right track

Through his life experiences Keyon has the desire to help other youth, and young adults not make the same mistakes he has made.  He is a mentor and wants to be a part of the cure; not the disease that has eaten away at his generation. He speaks at youth groups, churches, and other organizations who believe through his experience a seed can be sown in the lives of others to bring about a change, and that others won’t make the same mistakes he has made.