LANAISHA EDWARDS’ younger brother, Vinnie Edwards, was murdered in 2010. This tragedy caused her to reevaluate her life and start taking positive steps towards rebuilding. In the summer of 2011, she enrolled at Compton Community College, where she earned in AA in Liberal Arts. In 2013, Edwards continued her education at California State University – Dominguez Hills where she received a BA in Human Service with a minor in Public Administration.

LaNaisha started working with Chapter Two in 2016, an agency that works in conjunction with the Los Angeles Gang Reduction Youth Development (GRYD) program. During this time, tragedy struck yet again, with the murder of Edwards younger brother, Vaughn Edwards in 2016. LaNaisha did not waver in her passion for peace in the face of this egregious act. Instead she turned her pain into action by joining organizations like Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice. LaNaisha received formal training through the Urban Peace Institute, where she completed the Los Angeles Violence Intervention Training Academy and became certified in violence/gang intervention. She also completed Leadership instructor training at Urban Peace where she has instructed gang intervention trainings. Edwards organizes community events that foster safe spaces for families of crime survivors. And has recently, completed training with Initiate Justice an agency working to end mass incarceration. LaNaisha continues to developed, coordinated, and facilitated empowerment groups for young women at local High Schools, bringing together women from different areas by focusing on commonalities and female empowerment.

Currently, LaNaisha works with the Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice as the Los Angeles Chapter Coordinator and is working with Volunteers of America GRYD program as a Lead Case Manager. She has recently co-founded United Communities for Peace and The Sistar Circle Women Empowerment Group. She continues to advocate for survivors and impacted people in hopes of creating healthier communities.