Pastor Rudy Trujillo

PASTOR RUDY TRUJILLO began working with youth in the San Francisco’s Mission District in the summer of 1980 which led to the developing and understanding of the power of a spiritual intervention and it’s power to transform, restore, reclaim and rebuilt fallen humanity, while in San Francisco and conducting outreaches into the neighborhoods, projects and the Streets of San Francisco we realized that in some cases we needed to take a more holistic approach for a greater outcome. 

Pastor Rudy’s experience in addressing this issue of gang involvement began to broaden in understanding after coming on staff with Communities In Schools under the direction of Bobby Arias MSW, MPA beginning with the LA Bridges Program while working with at risk youth attending Maclay Middle School.  In 2007 Pastor Rudy was brought on board at the inception of the City Los Angeles GRYD Program provided through the Mayor Office which addresses gang violence in a comprehensive and coordinated way throughout the City.  

Through the understanding of the gang culture. and the practice of early prevention and intervention we have witnessed first hand a greater outcome in our community. Pastor Rudy has said that “this experience over the last 12 years with the GRYD while working with Charter Schools, Probation within the LAUSD along with working with MSW Interns candidates has really shaped the philosophy of the need to be faith-base driven while connecting community resources and services for transformational impact on families”. 

Pastor Rudy is the Lead Pastor of  FAITH CENTER  is a Commissioner and Chair’s the Transportation & Safety Commission in the City of San Fernando, a faith based Speaker both local and International,  a Presenter for events and conferences.  Since 1980 pastor Rudy carries the experience of MC for community engagement with over 10 years experience of working the stage on a 24 hour basis as entertainment Chair for Relay for Life San Fernando (American Cancer Society Event).  He has provided sound and audio recording for Congressmen & Local City Leaders and Businesses as well as community events.

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