Brita Loeb

Brita Loeb
Speaker’s Bureau Member

BRITA LOEB, MSW is a social worker and designer who creates trauma-informed, healing-centered, and equitable design processes and spaces. She founded Designing Healing, which serves nonprofits, corporations, schools, healthcare providers, and individuals by re-imagining spaces of healing. Brita’s social work expertise, research on trauma and aesthetics, and fieldwork in services and spaces of healing inform a holistic and impactful approach that focuses on both the design process and the aesthetic considerations of spaces. Brita centers her practice on the principles of agency, collaboration, cultural humility, reflection, and trust.

Brita is an active member of the Design Justice Network and serves on AIA’s Sustainable Justice Committee. She created a field guide, Healing by Design, that has received recognition throughout the design community for its design methodologies and aesthetic considerations of spaces while supporting trauma survivors’ psychological needs.

Presentation topics include:
-Community co-creation and collaboration
-Trauma-informed/healing-centered design
-Equitable community engagement
-Empathetic architecture
-Designing physical spaces for healing
-Physical and psychological responses to trauma
-Socioemotional growth through well-designed spaces