35 – Daniel J. Siegle: Healing Through MWe (Me+We)

35 - Daniel J. Siegle: Healing Through MWe (Me+We)

Dr. Daniel Siegel is a Clinical Professor in the Psychiatrist at the UCLA School of Medicine and the author of the book IntraConnected where he explains the concept of MWe (Me + We) as the integration of the Self, Identity, and Belonging. He describes how culture, especifically in the United States, has taught society that identity is an individual and separate concept unrelated to the collective whole. This creates a lot of mental distress as individuals begin to feel like they don’t fit in or don’t belong. Drawing from wisdom of Indigenous and contemplative traditions, Dr. Siegel shares how the self (Me) is connected with others and is within all the human world and nature (We), creating an intraconnection that helps us realize that we are a Me as much as we are a We – a MWe – to create a better world that would also be inclusive of formerly incarcerated folks.