Community-Based & Advocacy Organizations

Antena Los Ángeles

Antena Los Ángeles is a collective dedicated to language justice advocacy and organizing in Los Angeles. Antena Los Ángeles works with individuals and groups to develop bilingual and multilingual spaces, using as our primary tools interpretation, translation, consulting, and education to expand the capacity to create spaces where everyone can participate fully. Continue reading “Antena Los Ángeles”

Designing Healing

Founded by Social Worker- Brita Loeb, Designing Healing will serve nonprofits, corporations, schools, healthcare providers, and individuals by re-imagining spaces of healing and integrating trauma-informed, healing-centered, and equitable design approaches. Brita’s social work expertise, research on trauma and aesthetics, and fieldwork in services and spaces of healing inform a holistic and impactful approach. Continue reading “Designing Healing”

Peace Pros LA

Peace Pros LA’s mission is to challenge toxic masculinity with individuals and organizations. Peace Pros LA takes an intersectional approach that considers the ways that gender, race, sexuality and other identities shape ideas of what it means to be a man and how these ideas impact social interactions. Continue reading “Peace Pros LA”


Repair is a health and disability justice organization that engages in research, education, and community-level advocacy regarding health challenges, health disparities and disabilities that result from social problems. Continue reading “Repair”

Success Stories

Success Stories helps at-risk people get clear on the people and goals most important to them, as well as the obstacles they’ve placed in between themselves and those people and goals. These obstacles include patriarchy, short term-thinking and victim mentalities. Continue reading “Success Stories”