Alcott Center Store

Empower community members navigating mental health challenges and/or houslessness by purchasing their art! 100% of proceeds go to the artist.

Art by Anna Alvarado

Since 2007, Anna Alvarado has explored the human spirit in all its intricate facets. Infused with thought-provoking, vibrant and emotional rawness, her sensual figurative paintings and drawings explore being Latino in the US and a woman. Anna’s art is infused with her Mexican heritage, fearlessly making use of its bold colors, powerful symbols, and extraordinary folklore.

Arte Yolteotl

“Preserving our Indigenous roots, one art piece at a time.”

Arte Yolteotl features all of Veronica Xochitl Valadez’s Artwork. Veronica is a Xicana ARTivist whose goal is to empower her community by bringing the beauty and true history of her people to the forefront of her canvases. Sales of Veronica’s artwork benefit social justice causes in education for underserved students. 

Barro pa’ tu hogar

“Surround yourself with color.”

Gata Salvaje Merch

Gata Salvaje Merch aims to honor the rage of those who are a part of intersectional marginalized communities. With her merch, Gata sparks conversations by highlighting multiple intersections of power dynamics and norms we don’t often think about.

Kalli Arte Collective

Self taught artists, Adriana Carranza and Alfonso Aceves, are Kalli Arte Collective from Boyle Heights. “Kalli is our home.The foundation of our culture. It allows for our survival and protection. We must understand that the status of our bodies, homes, and community reflects the status of our spirits.”

Liliflor Art

Liliflor was born and raised in Los Angeles, her inspiration comes from her upbringing, family, community and underground cultural movements. As a first generation Mexican American “Chicana” she navigated thru L.A’ art scene during the 80’s and 90’s hip hop movement. Graffiti subculture was a critical part in her development, inspiration and path towards a professional art and educational career. Liliflor hones her artistic ability to create vital images on canvas and walls that are representative of Angelinos.


In an average world, don’t be. NYTAQ upholds this idea, we exist for those who live wild, free, for the fearless. Not Your Typical Average Queen exists for the ones who do not fit inside the box nor want to. For the resilient. The risk takers. For those who dare to dream big and live determined to make shit happen. 

Los Angeles based, entrepreneur, TV Personality and actor Fernanda Kelly has made her life’s mission to transform impossible to possible.

Poeta Goddess

My name is Kimberly Rodriguez first-generation, colonized indigena. I am an intuitive illustrator, intuitive writer, bruja, Tarot reader, and all around spiritual practitioner, remembering, coming back to my roots, decolonizing, and un-learning toxic traits. 

My work focuses on bringing connection and growth through art, words, and divination. It is through the alchemy of art and writing that I’ve been able to redraw and rewrite my narrative to how I see it fit.

Ramirez Art

Jose Ramirez is an artist. In the past 24 years, he has illustrated children’s books, painted murals, and completed commissions for numerous organizations and individuals. Ramirez is also an educator. He has taught in LAUSD for over 23 years and is currently teaching 3rd grade at Esperanza Elementary in the Pico-Union neighborhood of Los Angeles.

Xochipilli Visions

Xochipilli Visions was established in 2016 by artist RAH Azul. RAH Azul is a self-taught painter and muralist from the San Fernando Valley. He is a first-generation American born in East Los Angeles to Mexican parents who migrated from a small Pueblo in Jalisco called Zapotlanejo. Azul draws inspiration from his Mexican heritage and indigenous roots to express the beauty of his culture.