Panquetzan, Maestra, Healer, “I help you remember who you are, so you can reclaim your vida y cuerpo.”

Muse Medicina

Ancestral Medicine, Lineage HandsOnHealer, Pasista, Seer + TCM Doctor, Xicana Healing Colonialism in my blood, on Turtle Island + beyond. Muse Medicina specializes in harmonizing the four pillars of wellness – Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Physical.


Joanna Yañez, the founder of Rebirth, was born and raised in the San Diego area. She has cultivated an interest in the healing arts since her youth, beginning with her Great Aunt, a traditional healer. Joanna’s interest in natural medicine and healing practices have taken her up and down the west coast and deep into Central America where she studied native medicine with Indigenous healers, Herbalist, Sobadores (traditional body workers), and Midwives.