Miracles Counseling Center (MCC) is an established practice with skilled and competent clinicians who have a wide variety of experience. Our therapists provide a warm and safe space to help individuals develop inner capacities that foster a more meaningful life. All of our clinicians are highly trained and continue to pursue specialized training to advance their skills.

Our approach is individualistic and we use a wide range of interventions depending on where the client is on his/her journey. One of our highest values in working with someone is our respect fo their own process. We see our role as on that offers support and when a client is ready, we enjoy guiding him/her to understand, identify, express, and release feelings in order to stop unhealthy patterns in the present. We are passionate about helping clients grow emotionally. We honor and respect all belief systems and will do all that we can to make you feel welcomed. We specialize in deep work with those who have experienced early loss, neglect, or trauma. We provide the safety and nurture necessary to explore painful life experiences that may continue to hinder individuals from living a fulfilled life.​

MCC focuses on building a society in which emotional wellness can be a reality for everyone! We are driven by a single goal–to provide people with the opportunity to find healing and wholeness on their journey to Wellness. Based in Los Angeles County, MCC is an organization dedicated to offering a comprehensive range of evidenced-based, innovative, linguistically competent, and culturally sensitive and humble services to our community.

We employ the Trauma Informed Care and Practice (TICP) framework along with numerous evidence-based practices for holistic, comprehensive clinical treatment and support of our clients.

Email: info@miraclescc.org

Phone: (310) 819-1055

Website: https://miraclescc.org