Research and Reports

Black Males and Racism

Behind the twenty-first-century curtain of “colorblind” public sentiment lies an often-ignored reality shared by many African American males—racism continues to thrive and often drastically affects their lives. Fitzgerald draws on his extensive interviews of black males to reveal the experiences of racism that continue in public schools and in American higher education.

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EMBRacing Racial Stress and Trauma

The goal of this article is to report initial feasibility and coping response data from a pilot study of a new five-session intervention (Engaging, Managing, and Bonding through Race [EMBRace]) for Black families utilizing racial socialization to address stress and trauma from racial encounters. Ten caregiver and youth dyads were enrolled and completed the EMBRace intervention. Feasibility was based on a closed-option survey for therapists as well as open-ended participant responses to program satisfaction post-intervention.

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From Power Over to Power With

This paper tells the enlightening and inspiring story of the transformation one organization chose to take on, to move itself from a relatively good provider of domestic violence services, to a leader among trauma-informed care providers. It is a transparent telling of where Rainbow Services began this journey, back before 2006, to where it is today. Continue reading “From Power Over to Power With”

Los Angeles County ACEs Connection

LA County ACEs Connection is a platform for community members, professionals and leaders to collaborate across sectors in a movement to prevent Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), heal from trauma, and build resilience. Visit the group website to learn more and sign up to receive information and updates and access to a wealth of resources on trauma informed and resilience building practices.

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Trauma and Resiliency: A Systems Change Approach

Emerging lessons and potential strategies from the Los Angeles County Trauma and Resiliency-Informed Systems Change Initiative.

There is a hidden danger lurking in communities across California. Adverse Childhood Experiences, or ACEs, affect people from all backgrounds, regardless of race, income, education, or geography. Occurring in childhood, exposure to chronic adversity during the most formative years of a person’s development has the potential to reap a lifetime of challenges, including poor health and even early death.

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