Robert Daylin Brown

Dr. Robert Daylin Brown

DR. ROBERT DAYLIN BROWN is a college professor, author, and personal development coach. His life career has been focused on dual passions: a passion for educational equity, and a passion for male mentorship and development. He has spent the past 28 years in the educational field as a K-12 teacher, college professor, program coordinator, and administrator. His second passion for men’s mental health and personal development has led to the building of mentor programs for young men, and the publication of his award-winning book Joker to King, which explores issues of healthy manhood. Robert currently facilitates workshops on men’s mental hygiene, Gen Z healthy adulthood, and trauma-informed college teaching.

In 2011, Robert earned his doctorate in Educational Leadership from Azusa Pacific University. He became a personal development coach after completing the Lumia Coach Certification program in 2019, and he is currently pursuing his MFT to become a licensed therapist. Robert also serves on the executive board of Groove Phi Groove Social Fellowship Incorporated, one of the nation’s largest non-Greek fellowships whose mission is to mentor, educate, and graduate more Black college men.

Training & Presentation topics include:
-Embodiment practices and emotional regulation for men
-Men’s relationship to violence
-Trauma-informed college teaching
-Generation Z mental health issues