Healing through Activism to End Sexual Assault Behind Bars and the Military

A webinar bringing visibility to the invisible forms of sexual assault that happen in jails, prisons and in the military

Dismantling White Fragility: A Conversation around Transformative Justice and Racial Awakening

A webinar focusing on dismantling white fragility and demonstrating how we can lean into the discomfort to have these uncomfortable but necessary conversations.

Healing Our Nation: Where Do We Go From Here?

A webinar focusing on dismantling white fragility by featuring diverse voices who hold space for collective healing in our nation.


Our Stories: Healing and Transformation after Incarceration

Through an impactful community dialogue, the panelists explored their transformative journeys post-incarceration and how they engaged in self- and community-care for individual and collective liberation.

The IPV Revolution: Healing the Healer

Through storytelling and an analysis of the systems that impact survivors of color, we created a dialogue that focused on how to build the capacity and sustainability of professionals and survivor leaders working to prevent and address the impact of intimate partner violence.