Trauma Informed Event Design

Trauma Informed LA (TILA) offers consultation on how to design trauma informed events that take into account the emotional and physical needs of event attendees and organizers. TILA’s designs center on SAMHSA’s Principles of a Trauma Informed Approach and align with TILA’s values. These designs may include:

  • Providing a “safe person” to support event attendees who may feel triggered and potentially experience re-traumatization
  • Recommending land acknowledgements at the start of programming
  • Providing group agreements for break-out discussion
  • Co-creating trauma-sensitive questions for panel discussion
  • Designing the event space to accommodate attendees’ physical and emotional needs
  • Integrating trauma-sensitive feedback and evaluation surveys that include resources for attendees
  • Considering event time, flow, and other logistical concerns that best meet attendees’ needs
  • Ensuring presenters, panelists, and facilitators hold cultural humility
  • Provide referrals for language justice (translation and interpretation services through a social justice lens)

Please inquire about customized rates and designs by emailing