Trauma Informed LA (TILA) was founded in November 2014, when a group of 10 individuals representing various communities within Los Angeles and various fields within social services came together on a rainy day to share their concerns about the re-traumatization that individuals, youth, families, and communities often experience within services and systems, and to share ideas about how to mitigate that trauma.

Check out this short video that outlines our history and evolution:

TILA Historical Timeline:

      • NOVEMBER 2014
          • A Rainy Day in LA: a group of 10 individuals representing various communities within Los Angeles and various fields within social services came together to form the core group of the TILA Task Force.
      • DECEMBER 2014
          • Purple House Retreat: held a retreat to develop relationships between the 10 core members, share goals, and create a vision for TILA.
      • JULY 2015
          • First Community Roundtableheld at Council Member Bonin’s office and featured speaker Norma Cumpian, a life coach at the Anti-Recidivism Coalition who spoke about traumatized systems and what can be done for individuals, families and communities to heal.
      • OCTOBER 2015
          • Hillsides Retreat: held a second retreat, one year later, to develop short-term and long-term goals and begin the process of creating a strategic plan. The Steering Committee was developed out of this retreat.
      • NOVEMBER 2015
          • Second Community Roundtable: held at Hillsides in Pasadena to invite community members and service providers to learn about TILA, share their thoughts on community trauma and community healing, and take action by getting involved.
      • MARCH-NOVEMBER 2016
          • Development of the Speakers Bureau: beginning with a panel discussion following a screening of the film Paper Tigers, and through other collaborative events and conferences, the Speakers Bureau was developed to provide education, presentations, training, consultation pertaining to various aspects of trauma informed practices.
      • OCTOBER 2016-JANUARY 2017
          • Strategic Planning Retreats: the Steering Committee held three retreats to begin to develop a strategic plan and determine three key priorities for TILA:
            1. Education, Advocacy, Resources: Providing education, training, and technical assistance to practically implement trauma informed approaches.
            2. Collaborations and Partnerships: Actively engaging in initiatives that support regions, partnerships, common goals, and topics that build community resilience.
            3. Authentic Community Engagement: Supporting community members with lived experience to lead the momentum, participate in shared decision making, and influence local trauma informed policy changes.
      • MARCH-JUNE 2017
          • Pipeline of Participation: focused on creating an inclusive and collaborative pipeline of participation for TILA Task Force members to meaningfully participate in leadership opportunities, beginning with two Leadership & Engagement Opportunities meetings held in different parts of Los Angeles and recruiting new members to the Steering Committee.

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