Season 4: Our Stories Matter: Disrupting the Cycle of Systemic Oppression

In partnership with Homeboy Industries and Forestry and Fire Recruitment Program, Our Stories Matter Season Four shares the stories of folx reentering the free world through radical resistance and activism. Prisons and many organizations in the free world complement each other as two sides of the same coin, as they continue to oppress and shackle folx coming home. Our Stories Matter engages in dialogue with two organizations that are dismantling the 46,000 collateral consequences around employment and education within a punishing system that has been created for recidivism. Storytelling is political. Storytelling is liberating. Storytelling is community healing. Our Stories Matter.

Fabian Debora has always placed art at the center of his healing. As Founder and Executive Director of Homeboy Art Academy, Fabian describes in detail how his upbringing influenced his relationship with art and healing. Using the knowledge he knows now, Fabian is using his cultural influence to highlight the facilitation of art and its healing powers. Through art, Fabian is changing the paradigm of how to connect with another human being.

Sneak Peek at Episode 2 with Brandon Smith Co-founder and CEO of The Forestry and Fire Recruitment Program. Video editing and music: @ivan_r_714. Coming this Thursday!

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